What are some fun things to do on weekends in San Francisco?

I keep an on-going list on my phone of things I make sure to show people when they come to SF for the first time. Maybe a few can help out (in no particular order)

  1. Haight-Ashbury - Step inside Amoeba record store then go check out the ridiculously expensive clothing stores 
  2. Golden Gate Bridge - Obvious one but make sure you check it out from all views, the north, down from the beach, walk across it, from a boat.
  3. Exploratorium - Some really cool architecture and exhibits going on 
  4. Lumbard Street - Worth a cool picture 
  5. Ikes and Delores Park - This one is clutch. Ikes has great sandwiches and Delores Park is right around the corner. Get a sandwich, walk a couple blocks to the park, and hang out with everyone. 
  6. Union Square - Fun place to walk around. A lot of events go on throughout the year. You’ll get a lot of shopping in while you’re here. 
  7. Cheesecake Factory at Union Square - If you need a place to eat check out the Cheesecake Factory up at the top of Macy’s. Make sure you request to sit out side (bring a jacket). If you don’t want to eat at least go and check it out. Local tip: Go early and get your name down for a table and then take the escalators down one floor and lounge on the furnature after a long day in the city. 
  8. Coit Tower - Nice view of the city and some history to go along with it 
  9. Seals at Pier 39 - Standard Touristy function 
  10. Golden Gate Park - Lots of different things to do inside but a nice stroll on a nice day will suffice for most 
  11. Att Park - Catch a Giants game if you are in season. Go to stub hub and get the cheapest tickets you can find and then walk around. 
  12. Dome at Westfield - Not a major thing to see but the Westfield mall is impressive with a cool dome up at the top. Sometimes they have light shows 
  13. Mount Sutro - Lot of cool history around this place. Not a great view up at the top but with its close proximity to the Haight its not a bad detour 
  14. New Transbay Transit Center Construction - Finally you can check out the construction going on for the new Transbay Transit Center Construction. There isn’t a lot to look at but the potential of what it will be is amazing. Check outTransbay Center for more information. 

    Now, you could write a whole post on just the night life portion as well.