VA Virgin

After reading about the benefits of a Virtual Assistant I was on the lookout for a good opportunity to find a use for one.  I had to upload about 120 photos to Pinterest for IschiaProject with tags and sorted onto different boards. I was about 3 photos in when I realized it was taking too long and I should hand it over to a VA.

Went to all the popular sites, YMII especially. I actually didn’t click with any of them to start off it. Many of them required to much information and the start up time was too much for my little job.

I ended up on the Elance site and made a bid. I priced the 120 photos for about 15 bucks (figured that was what the effort was worth to me) and got about 9 bids in the first day. Some of them ranged up to 80 and others as low as 12. I settled on a VA for $20 that had a ton of reviews. Alright so were good to go.

Went on to my Pinterest account and changed my password specifically for this job. Gave the VA very clear instructions so that a kid could follow them (Thanks Ferriss), and before I knew it I was getting emails about project updates and questions.

Got the result I wanted, saved work and time, and gained the experience of working with a VA. It was so easy that I’ll probably go back and use him again next time I have an opportunity. The great part about all of this, he exceeded my expectations and I will refer business to him when I can. Great business relationship. 

If you need any work done, meet Shafiuddin