Steal These Ideas: Pulled Pork - 01/15/2015


Last week I put out 10 ideas I wanted you to POACH. No honestly, I said steal them and take them and make money and become happy and then write me from Helsinki (I like postcards). These aren’t meant to be homeruns…just starting points for you to come up with better thoughts. Here are 10 MORE ideas primed and ready to roll with*. Jump on the on the idea email list to get more clutch ideas

1. Field Trip Uber

I remember the good ole days when parents would have to sign up and drive their kids to different field trips. I see an app that takes this rough coordinating process and streamlines it.

I want to be able to order 10 ubers for a specific time in the future and shuttle my conference goers, field trippers, church groupers to our next location. No need to order a big shuttle bus and deal with those costs. 

Take it a step further and have every Uber driver become a tour guide for a specific location and take your group around. No need for the crazy guy with bad jokes.

2. The Very Calculator

They say in order to improve your vocabulary, don’t say “very.” Example: “He was very happy to read Greg’s 10 ideas every week,” becomes, “He was overjoyed/delighted/ecstatic/elated/jubilant/exultant to read Greg’s awesome 10 ideas every week.”

Make a simple website that pulls from a thesaurus to display $10 words. Bonus: Have an upvote/downvote feature to weed out words that actually aren’t that great. Have a “show me others” button that shows the most popular Very Words. 

3. Apartment security door awareness.

I’ve recently been accused of stealing Feta Cheese from my friends apartment. Its not true (I’m a Mozzarella guy). I told them, no way… I was at work. We concluded it would be best to see when the apartment door was opened up. I told her we could hook up some Arduino sensors and get the information real time. Lets package up a couple of these and walk around the apartment offering them for (costs + 1 beer each).

Sure the product might be out there, but ask around to your apartment neighbors. Tons of people would want to know when their door was being opened but just don’t know it yet.

4. Escalators that can be placed on top of regular stairs

I’m not 100% sure about the solution here, BUT escalators are way to big a of a problem for malls, buildings, subways, anywhere with stairs. They break down constantly. There has to be a better way. A red carpet that you can put on existing stairs and it rolls you right up perhaps.

This is a problem opportunity. 

5. Fantasy football site that let’s you fake injuries

Countless times during the past fantasy football season my teammates would ask me to create fake injury reports for other teams players. I would head over to ESPN, find an injury article, inspect the element and replace the name with the desired player so they became “hurt.” Why not make a quick easy site that looks legit to streamline this process?

6. The Photogenic Networking Party

Every single networking talk/meetup I’ve been to has people clamoring for jobs. Often times we’ll exchange information in case I hear anything they would be interested in. When I follow up (always follow up) I check out there LinkedIn to get a second first impression. 70% of the time…their LinkedIn photo sucks. There’s an opportunity for photographers to create an awesome networking event and help out potential clients that don’t even know their desperate for a prof pic makeover.

7. Creative/Idea Machine app

James Altucher is a Idea Machine. He is the one that turned me on to this process. But you see…sometimes I forget to do my daily routine. I want an app that shoots an inspirational snipit at me that gets my thoughts flowing. The app will record all of my input and get it ready for me to process later.

Shoot, it doesn’t even have to be ideas. I would love it if the app made me finish a sentence with a rhyme or solutions to a problem. Anything that got words/ideas from my head to the paper.

8. Snapchat Geo-caching

Everyone already sends selfies when they are traveling something cool. I love looking back at the photos I’ve Snapped and reminiscing. I want to be able to look at a detailed map and see all of the photos I’ve downloaded from Snapchat geotagged.

9. Twitter Analytics Download

I just put out a PDF of my Top 10 Photoshop Hacks. I wanted a “Set it and Forget it” type of product up online. At $9.99 a download, sales have been sweet. Its not a huge money maker but I cover costs and have learned a ton. 

Next type of download/service…Twitter Analytics Tutorial/Help. There are plenty of services that do this for you, but that’s because its a popular topic. Go after that small business client and help them understand their twitter. 

First step: Check out how many people are searching for your product. With 167 clicks, I’m sure I could grasp a good conversion rate. 

10. Crock Pot Stream

We recently cooked up 2 pounds of beautiful pulled pork. Cooked for 8 hours. All day at work I thought, “I wonder what the pork looks like right now.” I wish I had a live channel showing me whats in the oven. If people will watch a goldfish play Pokemon…they’ll watch some pork getting pulled.

Shoot, lets get a BBQ stream and oven stream going too.

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*Note: When friends comment on my idea posts they almost always have a different “favorite idea.” Its interesting to see how everyone molds each idea in their own head.