Steal these ideas 10/09/2014

Last week I put out 10 ideas I wanted you to steal. No honestly, I said steal them and take them and make money and become happy and then write me from Hawaii (I like postcards). Here are 10 more ideas ripe and ready to roll with. If you want to day dream about what business to start next…get on the idea email list…

LinkedIn photos

70% of the LinkedIn photos suck. People want to look good, presentable, professional….and their 1st impression on their LinkedIn sucks….see where I’m going here? This one isn’t insanely scalable but good for side cash. Job seekers want to look good. They’ll pay. $30 bucks for 3 photos, an absolute steal.

Go get yourself a 50mm lens and a copy of photoshop and you can make this happen in any city.

Expect a write up on this experiment later. 

This took 5 minutes to do and yet people have photos that still look horrible (like my before).

College Admission Gap Year

This is the 21st century here guys. I applied and went to school in the same fashion that my grandpa did (Oregon State). Why are high school students still playing the numbers game and filling out standard applications? We all know if you want something then you’re going to have to stand out and show validation for your college worthiness another way.

I’d like to disrupt (corny buzz word of the post) the college admission system and facilitate an alternative way for students to apply to colleges. I had NO idea what I was doing when it came to applying to schools, but I had good energy that went unused. I want to foster a scalable system for students to  work on projects or preexisting businesses, that show they are more than qualified for college. 

MBA programs want people with experience to bring something to their programs, why not undergrad as well? I’m not 100% sold on an idea yet but I see a market of student energy ready to apply themselves that needs to be tapped.

Snapchat How To

When I take a look at friends snap “stories” I see a series of related events usually communicating a to do list, ideas, or daily activities. Why not take this platform and ingrate a “how to” service. 

Say I want to show everyone how to make pizza in 10 steps. I could snap my progress on a SnapStory, mark it with appropriate tags, and then upload it for the public. The intent is to be short, sweet, and inspirational. Definitely a way for advertisers to reach a larger audience.

Toothbrush mouth guard

Electric tooth brushes don’t do anything, I’m convinced. Plus I get bored brushing my teeth, way too much work. I want a mouth guard with rotating bristles on the inside that I can pop in my mouth and will scrub away while I read the paper or look at my PeeT (#8 PeeTimer)

Clipboard with clips wide enough for paper to slide up

Filling out papers on a clip board blows. I always get down to the bottom of the page and my wrist need a little support, I have horrible hand writing as it is (I lied, I kinda like that one). I need a clip board with teeth wide enough for paper to slip through the top so I can write at the bottom of the page, but still in the middle of the board… Sounds too easy to not be out there already.

Pastry bag for chocolate that stays warm

Date night, and you’re ready to serve up that sweet melted, silky, beautiful chocolate on top of those sugary cake balls you’ve been thinking about for 2 weeks. You know you need a pastry bag to draw those gorgeous chocolate lines…but oh no! The chocolate cooled down and you’re left with cake sloppy joes.

I want a mix between a pastry bag and heating pad. Throw a heating bad pastry bad in the microwave, heat that bad boy up for 2 minutes, throw in your warm chocolate and keep that date sizzling.

Wrist Workout Machine

Simple and easy. Take both of these. Put them facing each other together and add some resistance. Grab yourself some late night TV space, and go to door to door to gyms across america claiming you have revolutionized the wrist strengthening industry. Simple machine that works your arms.

I’ve seen a bunch of rollers but none that have your wrists facing each other.

Luxury Portapotties

This the 21st century and the mobile toilette industry hasn’t had innovation in over 75 years. Cmon.. its time to bring this crappy trend to an end. Take a look at Port a Potties at music festival across the country, long lines and disgusting conditions. I mean, this seems like a no brainer. Get up a good looking clean, luxurious mobile toilette and I guarantee that you could charge up to $2-$5 bucks a use. Comfy pads, stocked supplies, and a guy on call servicing them. Now we just need a musky tagline that lingers. 

Group Spotify

Coffee shops play music all day long, usually curated to meet a “vibe” they are trying to identify with. But what about the shop that just wants to play music everyone likes? How the heck do you know what your customers want to listen to?

I see an app or extension of Spotify that will take a look at who is connected to wifi, check out their most played Spotify songs, find the commonalities between them all and start a playlist that provides the most listening pleasure to the most people. “Audible Utilitarianism” - “Auditarianism” steal that name and invite me to the launch party.

Backless Jacket

For the hikers: You’re in the cold backcountry working carrying a 35lb. pack up hill. I no doubt need a jacket on, its freezing outside. But since you’re working hard you’re going to be sweating up a storm in your warmest spot…your back. Jackets today barely provide a happy medium. Vents are ok but the air doesn’t ever reach between your back and the pack.

I need a jacket that has a removal back portion, but keeps my arms and front area covered. The “Back Jacket” The “Backet" steal that name and invite me to the launch party.

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