Snap Klout

Alright, I got it. The next great partnership. Ready? SnapChat and Klout: SnapKlout

SnapChat is all about getting users to share experiences. Sometimes these experiences can be about a new car/toy/house/pet/product/food. One user sends this picture/video to a friend, friend views it, picture gets deleted. But what influence did that one Snap have on the person that viewed it?

Klout is all about social influence that people have. Actions that inspire. As of right now however, many haven’t heard of Klout because it does not have a very visible product. I have Klout, and so do some of my friends, but a lot of people haven’t heard of it. Klout doesn’t actively seek out users, users have to look for them. Great product but not getting enough exposure.


SnapChat shares experiences and is very visible, Klout measures influence from sharing but isn’t very visible yet. See where I’m going with it?

I see a partnership happening with Klout and SnapChat that drives users to share different products to drive action. Businesses would jump on the opportunity to be a part of a marketing play like this.

Lets go with the a Patagonia example:

Tyler snaps and awesome new Patagonia jacket, he tags the product and company and then sends to friends, let say 50 > 50 friends look at the product SnapChat and the enjoyment Tyler gets from it > Tyler’s friends talk about or buy a Patagonia product based off of Tylers endorsement > Klout measures and rewards Tyler for his actions

SnapChat > Tyler > Tyler’s Friends > Klout