Sexy start ups

Shared this dialog with a friend over email recently

1st email: Interesting article

My response:
That is interesting. Fully read it and I feel like reading that book would be a waste of time. Not because it would be boring but rather that article summed it up in less than a couple pages.

There are always two sides of the high risk coin and this one advocates for the steady paycheck “don’t put it all on red”, method. That is going to be fine for most but then you’re going to get the crowd of people that tell you entrepreneurs are crazy and in order to be successful you need to be crszy. In which case the crazy people will put a wall up to common sense information.

It’s seems like the whole start up sexy-ness factor is starting to go down a little bit. Not the money but the path to get there. Seems like that whole idea is maturing and fading. But at the same time the whole reason why the start up world exists is because of the 21st century ability to start a business so quick and exit: insta, snap etc. That ability is definitely not going away soon so I don’t think that culture will go away either.

I think that the area to focus on will be a mix of the two: entrepreneurs and safe bets. Rather than making money by playing the game it seems like the good bet will be to make money off those trying to play the game. Consultants, experts, niche market analysis, fundraising specialist, shit loads of money for a head hunter. If there are crazy people with money maybe try and work them.