MYC for Chile

Plane ticket, Santiago. Chile. Yeah that looks about right. That’ll happen in a couple years. Its suppose to right?

I was just about to rant on someone for telling me about their bucket list. Bucket lists are cool but you should be living a bucket life to begin with. Check out  for the bucket life. Anyway

Alright lets go full circle.

This is way to simple: Being happy/successful in life is all about maximizing your chances to your goal. Duh. Maximizing your chances means trying and failing and learning. The best part is that this will be completely different for everyone.

Think about how the number one piece of advice you hear from famous entrepreneurs/life coaches/inspiring people, in order to get on the success/happy train you have to fail. But what they are really saying is you have to keep trying and maximizing your chances to find what finally works out for you and of course you’ll do plenty of failing.

Of course along the way you’ll find out an insane amount about yourself, your goals, passions, other people, life etc.

My friend says, “But Greg I don’t know what I want to do. How am I going to maximize my chances if I don’t know.” I tell him, “Look then you gotta start maximizing your chances of finding out what you want to do. Expose yourself to many different things that you are interested in. What are you doing outside of work that is helping you get closer to finding out what it is you want?”

How are you going to maximize your chances to…

Life starts when you take action on what you want. Do it. 

If you have no idea what your goal is or what you want, maximize your chances to find that goal out. Being happy/successful in life is all about maximizing your chances to your goal. ……Duh.

I’ll need to cross off a couple other goals before a I’m sitting in Chile.



Here are some books that get you thinking in the MYC mindset:

The Magic of Thinking Big David Schwartz - Confidence booster to take action

Never Eat Alone - Keith Ferrazzi - Maximize your chances with networking and meeting people, very inspiring guy

The Lean Start Up - Eric Ries - Try quick, fail quick, learn quick, improve quick