Ischia, Italy

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In total spent about 1.5 months on Ischia. Launching turned out to be the highlight of my trip. Not only was it something to reflect on afterwards but the knowledge/experience that I gained through the interviews was awesome. I started with a goal of 3 interviews which went to 5 and suddenly jumped to 10. The first couple of interviewers were quick to offer help and introductions to other people.

Towards the end I was lucky to have a couple friends come visit. 1.5 months of knowledge packed into 1 full day of Ischia attractions. If you want a huge day and be able to say that you “did” Ischia well follow this:

Start in Forio, walk through Panza to get to Sorrgeto (hot springs), chill out at the hot springs for as long as you want. Get up and out and head CCW around the island over to St. Angelo, go out to St. Angelo and check out the view. Come back through the town and CCW again over to Moronti Beach. Start as soon as you can, take off your shoes, and walk over to the other end of the beach. Stop get in the water a big and chill out. Take the 5 bus up to the Castle and go out on the dock. Walk to Porto and get gelato on the way. Take the CS or 1 bus to Forio and stop at the pier at the port. Go out on the pier and chill out. Go to the market right outside of the port and grab dinner. Walk up back to Forio along the beach and take the Oasis beach path back up to the main street. Watch the sunset.

Three things I noticed about Ischia:

  1. The locals feel a strong connection to the Island, as they would say, they are like muscles on the rock of Ischia.
  2. The people of Ischia have Capri beauty on the Island but without the Capri prices and Capri attitude.
  3. 80% of the cool stuff on the Island goes unnoticed by the common visitor. (Cliff jumping, rock houses, sunset views)