If you were to plan the "perfect trip" to Yosemite National Park what would it be?

Answer by Greg Kamradt:

Well….That completely depends on what you want to do, budget, time, interests.

However for me it would be as follows:
Budget - $1000 (Most of it spent Saturday night)
Time - Weekend (Afterwork till Sunday night)
Interests - Big Hike one day, pampered the next

Friday late afternoon
—-Get up to Yosemite and have a camp site in Upper Pines. I’d get one towards the back so that I didn’t have neighbors nor was I near the bathroom. Have a good ole BBQ with some friends and have the standard campfire jolly time. Burgers, smores, the works. Have a few beers and kick back

Saturday Morning
—-Get up pretty early (depending on your hike) and head out for the day. There are countless things to do (on and off trail) after you leave the busy valley and away from Half Dome. I suggest Clouds Rest or Mount Clark (if you dare).

Saturday Afternoon
—-Get lost…but, just long enough to wonder where you are and contemplate what a search party for you would look like. Did I leave enough clues? Then realize you have the sun as a general compass and can find the trail.
—-Find an arrowhead. I’ve read posts before of hikers running into these that were left by the natives who lived there before. I doubt I will ever find one (but you said perfect)
—-Get to the peak of whatever mountain your climbing and pull out a pb and j from your pack. Kinda smooshed from hiking but I mean what do you expect. From the top you look how far you’ve climbing and where the valley floor is and reflect on the journey it took to get there.
—-Start heading down and you can tell you’re already sore but after a mile or two your legs are back in action.

Saturday Evening (5pm)
—-Get back from the hike and check into the Ahwahnee Hotel. Wash up and head to one of their expensive dinners. Eat as much as a Thanksgiving dinner and then head to their bar for a cocktail…or two. Hear a couple “back in the day” stories from the old experts and have a good laugh. Like earlier in the day, hike up the stairs to your room, and climb into bed. Big huge king size bed and think about the day.

Sunday Morning
—-Wake up sore and slightly hung over, but not enough to miss the wine tasting. Have a few glasses of wine while looking at Half Dome. Take my bike out for a little spin around the valley and check out the beautiful yellow and brown sunlight coming through the leaves.

Sunday Afternoon
—-Decide its time to get back to real life and head out. No traffic. Before I get on the main roads however I’ll stop at Priest Station Cafe and grab a quick bite to eat and have a coffee for the ride home back to the bay.
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