How can I find a thru-hiking partner for the Appalachian Trail?

Answer by Greg Kamradt:

I suggest that you plan this trip as if you were doing it alone. If you do not know who you are going to be hiking with at this time, the chances of finding a perfect match are tough. People come and go on the trail and plans change. I guarantee that you will meet people on the trail with the same hiking ability and you will find your partners there. A part of long distance hiking is you can do it at your own pace and not worry about it. Some may disagree with the solo route but there will be so many people out there that you can choose what you want to do. Getting the skills down and being self sufficient is an invaluable skill…just in case you need to use it.

What I am trying to suggest is that plans are fluid and you’ll settle in to the spot that is right for you. Just watch out for the trail drama ha

Good Luck!

If you really want to talk to more people about their plans for hiking I suggest looking at for suggestions.
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