Chapter 2

Antipode - A Map for Dreamers

Antipode has finally launched and I’m stoked to see the progress it is making. With plans to travel across the US and Europe I decided that I wanted to have a side project that would be able to generate some income for me. There have been a ton of resources that I have used to get to this point but I specifically want to call out two of them that have helped the most. 

Sam Parr - - Sam has been a huge help/inspiration with this whole process. I mean, guys a do-er. Read his posts about Itch Juice and you’ll be inspired to go off and doing something on your own. The guy understands how work own life and he lets you know whats working for him.

James Altucher - - Like I’ve said before, James is a weird guy. Regardless, he’s another do-er. Weird as he is, he eliminates negative energy and only does what he wants. Reading how his persistence got him back from rock bottom twice lets you know that you’re life isn’t all that bad at all.

So thanks Sam and thanks James for the inspiration to go explore life and always staying curious with side projects.