Amsterdam, Neatherlands

San Jose > Los Angeles > Denver > DC >NY > Dublin > London > Paris > Brussels > Amsterdam > Dusseldorf > Naples > Ischia

Last stop with my travel buddy was Amsterdam, its been two weeks of traveling to a ton of cities and taking in a lot of information. Amsterdam was a good place to chill out and smell the roses. 

First thing that I noticed when I got there was the beauty that I didn’t expect. The canals were awesome. Second thing was the bike culture. Kids, parents, dogs, food, business all traveled on bikes. 

Four things I noticed about Amsterdam:

  1. Closest city I’ve seen come close to matching the energy of Vegas. Not the same style at all, but the mindset
  2. The new “tourist rules” that I heard about were non-existent
  3. The biking culture is impressive
  4. Picturesque views all over the canals, underrated beauty