Writing is fun, hard, occasionally embarrassing, and the most important thing for your career


I have a real estate agent friend named Andrew. Hey Andrew!

He writes monthly about the housing market in San Francisco. I think it’s interesting material, so I forward it to my network.

I’m sharing his words, which builds up his authoritative voice, which builds up his brand.

He tells me some of my friends follow up with him. I hope one of them buys...it’ll be due to his newsletter.

Writing is a good idea because your words last longer than you do.

Your words are able to travel and be heard more than you ever physically could.

I also have a few friends who want to get into creative writing or comedy. I tell them to write (no matter how good/bad) on a weekly basis and send it out to friends for fun. Remember, lean into vulnerability.

I think it’ll happen one day, hasn’t yet though.

Here are resources I use while learning how to write:

Writing is for the long game and will take time, but when it comes to fruition, whatever it is, you’ll be stoked that you did it in the first place.

Send me 250 words on anything. I’d love to read it.