10 Potential Snapchat Partnerships

Here is a list of 10 partnerships I could see Snapchat engaging in. The following list has a couple assumptions: 1. Snapchat as a product is going to evolve, what we see today is 1.0 of the product that it will have to be to meet monetization/user demands. 2. Improvements to the product will focus around user generated content as well as businesses using Snapchat as a medium to reach users. 3. Snapchat is taking market share from the SMS world. Partnershnaps?


Industry/Area - Sample Company

1. Coupon Provider - Groupon

—-See a great deal that Groupon provides but here’s the catch, you can only unlock the deal if you Snapchat a certain number of friends the same deal. UNLOCK DEALS by snapping ads to people you know will like them. 

2. Influence Trackers - Klout

—-I’ve talked about the opportunity for Snapchat and Klout to form a partnership before. Snapchat users share content around products and ideas and Klout measures the influence that is spread.

3. Contest Holders - Smartify

—-Smarity is a startup that runs web promotions for big clients. I see Snapchat running contests and promotions using Smartify as a platform. Example REI - Snap us using your favorite outdoors product and enter for a chance to win free gear. 

4. Fast Food - Carls Jr

—-Carls Jr could send a free small fry to all Snapchat users in a certain city. Even better, “Snap us a picture of your favorite Carls Jr burger and we’ll give you free fries.”

5. Music Festivals - Outside Lands

—-Coachella, Lala, Ultra, they all want to get their attendees to give them more user generated content. Festivals could give updates, share backstage pictures with everyone attending, and last but not least, everyone going to send pictures to the festival media team to process and market with. 

6. Ticket/Event Services - EventBrite

—-Events can partner with Snapchat to provide a collective photo album for events. A host can set up an event, snap the invite to his friends, and then everyone can CC that event on their photos when they take them. aka wedding season

7. Check-in/Medal Service - Four Square Check in, Post a Picture

—-Have business partner with Snapchat to use them as a medium for more user generated content. Snapchat could partner with Foursquare or Yelp to add another interactive feature to the “check-in” process.

8. Photography/Action Orgs - National Geographic

—-Users can follow National Geographic photographers and see what they are up to. Subscribe to National Geographic on Snapchat (which NatGeo would pay for) and get real time updates about what is going on with their field workers around the world. Or even RedBull could run a big promotion and athletes could share things they are doing right at that moment. I would have been way down to see what Felix Baumgartner was doing before his jump.

9. Q&A websites - Quora

—-Do you have a question that you want answered right now? Take a picture of your question or yourself asking the question and then snap it to the Quora community. Get a quick response from a real person

10. Online Music - Spotify

—-We’ve seen the news about Snapchat and music artists in the news but lets go further than artists reaching out to fans. I see fans communicating with fans and sharing songs through Spotify. Snapchat already displays visual media, there could be an opportunity to be a quick simple music player as well. I mean lets be real, I’m trying to share Timber Friday night.