10 ideas:

One of my current goals is to get more of my ideas down in writing. Check out my inspiration for this goal. Two Things: 10 ideas and the next step for each of these ideas.

8 Ideas:

  1. SnapGlass - This is a big one with all of the privacy concerns going around but say you want to share a certain part of your life with someone who can’t be there at that time. Say my buddy goes to the Giants game and Matt Cain is going for perfect game number 2. I want to check out the action from his point of view and really feel like I am at the game. He can send me updates constantly. Glass at superbowl 50? Next step: Validate that even less friction to send picture updates would actually increase transfer rate OR if the saturation point has already been reached with the amount of information that people will share. 
  2. Company Sponsored Flights - A lot of companies are all about trying to offer the coolest benefit possible. Free food? cool. Free commuting? cool. Free Christmas Parties? Way cool. What if companies gave each employee a 200-300 flight voucher that they can use throughout the year. Airlines would love it because they can sign exclusive deals with companies and companies would love it because its new and innovative. Next step: Become the middle man, offer your services to start ups that have too much money. Get this deal going with the airlines and take a cut off the top. 
  3. Soap Shower Head - Have a shower head that already has soap in it. The shower head will have a little knob on it that you can turn on or off for the soap. This way you won’t have to fuss around with a bar of soap. Clean water clean you. Next step: Try it out! unscrew your shower head and throw a piece of soap in there. See what happens.
  4. Alternative to a university credential - The university/college model is going to have a rough time in the future. Students can learn just as much online as they in college right now. If a student doesn’t have a college degree they immediately won’t be creditable when applying for a job. Some of these students that don’t have college education are way more driven than some with one. It is interesting to think about this problem and contemplate what Altecher says about the middle class and jobs in the first place. This isn’t an idea quite yet but its an opportunity or a shift in culture I see. What is the opportunity cost of an undergrad degree? Next Step: validate that evidence based learning and the right attitude can get you a much better job than one with a college degree.
  5. Automatic scrambled eggs - Coffee pot mixed with a food processor type machine. Cook the eggs while they are constantly being churned. No need to watch these guys. Throw in your favorite toppings. Add an alarm! I want this tomorrow morning. Next step: (I know this is absolutely ridiculous) Get one of those machines that swifts blood while your getting it drawn. Throw a bowl on top of it and then put a flame under the bowl. Gourmet scrambled eggs. Your down!
  6. Group playlist - An app that allows you to “check in” to a certain bar and you can connect with their network and play the song that you want. You can see what everyone else is requesting and upvote their submission to get the most popular ones. Next Step: Actually see if this is out there and pitch the idea to friends. (Btw I think that there is still major opportunity for night life and mobile. How can you connect people at a major bar/club via a mobile network that is exclusive to the people at that location?)
  7. Will work for Vegas - Flights from SFO/SJC to LAS are absolutely ridiculous in price. I won’t even get into how much I just paid for a trip. Vegas hotels should provide discounts to people on their flights/hotels that are willing to work for a day on Saturday at some event. Extra man power. I would easily work 5-6 hours if I could get 150 bucks off my hotel or trip. Get a group of 4? Free hotel for the weekend. Next Step: Call up MGM and offer to work for part of Saturday and Sunday and see if they will go for it. I’m sure the people they attract will lose the money in the casino anyway.
  8. Cup Cleaner - Check out the after math of a college party and you’ll see 500+ cups laying around waiting to get trashed. Most of the time the kids will be back over at ghetto Ralphs later that night just to stock up again. I see a machine that can take stacked cups and clean them out individually so they are good to go for the next night. A mix between a power washer and an automatic dominoes stacker.